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Originally, the giant finger was constructed with hardware cloth and paper mache by Steve Chmelar back in 1971. To show support for the basketball team at the school where he taught, he created an artwork that pointed out Ottumwa Bulldogs as number one. It was devised to show his fan spirit to the team. Since then, fans and supporters of a particular sports team use different gimmicks in demonstrating their loyalty, and one of the most popular sports paraphernalia items are cheap foam hands.

Encourage team support with these iconic and symbolic cheap foam hands. With shapes and designs that range from victory hands to animal paws and claws, these will really come handy to all sorts of sports fans, and even to concert-goers and party people! Whenever these hulking hands are raised in the air, the morale of the players as well as all the fans pushes up, too. More than cheering mitts, these cheap foam hands can also entertain and invite more followers for any team and likewise to your business.

cheap foam hands will be excellent to bring about money and support towards your fundraisings and sporting events respectively. Thus, all you have to do now is call Branders and place your orders on these products in preparation for your humongous advertising game plan!

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