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Foam hand or foam finger is a promotional item that is frequently used as sports equipment to show support for the favored team. Because of its huge size, it can easily be notice by people inside the court, astrodome, arena, or anywhere your event will be held to. Your company corporate foam hands will be hard to miss. Foam hand is oversized hand with the index finger usually pointing upwards. It is made of styrofoam and is easily worn on one's hand.

Corporate foam hands are usually seen during sports events, and seen in all types of sports, from soccer to football, basket to hockey. It is very effective since it is cheap, easy to produce, and easy to carry by recipients. As time past, corporate foam hands are not just use during sports events but many people had used it for birthdays, Christmas parties, office parties, and even weddings. People who goes to watch their favorite teams usually are those who really wanted to get notice and they want to be heard while cheering, with corporate foam hands, many people would want to have one.

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