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    Liz Boyd with her baby
    Business Administrator
    and Project Manager at
    PTA Global
  • Her Branders Story:

    Liz is the business administrator and project manager of PTA Global, a health and fitness organization that certifies personal trainers. Based in Denver, Colorado, the group offers innovative, hands-on programs tailored to the needs of students, whether they are beginners or professionals wanting to improve their skills.

    It was in October 2009 that Liz found Branders when she was putting together training materials for her company. At first, Liz had qualms about ordering from Branders, but what she soon experienced changed her mind. "I did doubt that the product wouldn't look right, that the logo would get messed up, or that the quality would be worse than what I saw [online]. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I have never ordered like this online before so I felt like I was taking a big chance," Liz shared.

    At the time, PTA Global was a start-up company, and Liz was working with a tight budget. What she liked about Branders was the big price difference from those of other vendors, and that she could order a smaller quantity too. Liz explains, "It fit our budget nicely. I didn't find this option available with other vendors."

    Liz also found it easy to spot just what she needed. "I just typed in what I wanted in the keyword section and I found a great selection of results. I was able to customize proof and receive my order in a timely fashion," Liz attested.

  • Liz's branding tool
    Liz has ordered binders from Branders on several occasions. Customized with the PTA Global logo, these binders carry training materials and writing pads. Students use them to take notes and can bring them home as souvenirs once they've completed the educational programs.
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  • "Placing orders is easy but the customer service Branders provides rivals mine! I often refer Branders to others because I love the choices, quality and of course their customer service! I really have to thank them for helping my small business with its growth."
    Kimla Holk
    Kimla Life Imagery
    Branders customer since 2010

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  • "We used Branders products at several of our events and received a great response from the audience. We have continued to reorder these products and have added a couple of additional items!"
    Trina Frazier
    Director of Outreach Programs
    American Kidney Fund
    Branders customer since 2007

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  • "Branders has the exact kind of product I am looking for—durable, useful goods made in the USA at prices that I can handle."
    Martha Rose
    Martha Rose Construction
    Branders customer since 2009

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