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  • "Shopping online is convenient and time effective, but it does not allow you to really see the product in true life. You never know about actual size and quality. Thankfully, Branders send samples of products that I am interested in."

    Steve Cohn
    Head of Marketing
    and Operations,
    Commission Express
  • His Branders Story:

    Steve Cohn has been one of Branders' happy customers since May 2011. He uses the Bic Combo Pack (item #30803), Twin-write Pen and Highlighter (item #74173) and other Branders products to promote his company.

    Steve is the head of Marketing and Operations of Commission Express, a company that helps thousands of realtors and brokers.

    Commission Express is a financial factoring company that specializes in advancing Realtors' commissions once a residential contract or commercial lease is signed, so the Realtor no longer needs to wait until Closing to get paid.

    Steve learned about Branders through a referral from another trade show vendor. He decided to register to get the weekly specials in his e-mail inbox.

    Online shopping has made work easier and more convenient for him. Time is a very limited resource for their kind of business. Steve appreciated the convenience of shopping for items without leaving his work desk.

    "Shopping online is convenient and time effective, but it does not allow you to really see the product in true life. You never know about actual size and quality. Thankfully, Branders sends samples of products that I am interested in."

    Steve is delighted with the first-rate customer service he receives from Branders. He is assisted by Erika Paraiso, his personal account manager who responds to all product inquires, and other concerns that he may have.

    Steve asserted that the excellent customer service and great price keeps him coming back.

    "Erika Paraiso! She is our account manager, and truly understands customer service. Erika is pleasant to work with and has helped me tremendously. She deserves a bonus! Excellent customer service! Very good products!"

    Steve has ordered multiple items from Branders. Among these, his favorites are the Bic Combo Pack and the Twin-write Pen with Highlighter.

    He adds their company name and contact information on these products and gives them to their customers as gifts or souvenirs as well as to potential customers at trade shows and other events. Steve has received great feedback on these giveaways.

    Steve further claimed Branders products are so popular that one of the recipients couldn't help but comment on them.

    "I was at PRO Seminar and one your representatives gave me one of your Commission Express pens with the highlighter top. I can't leave it out on my desk, because when I get back to the office I have to find the borrower to get it back. I would really appreciate if you could send me or tell me where I can get a few. There are the usual 8-10 of us in the office daily and it would make my day if I could give everyone a pen of their own."

    These items may appear as customary giveaways but they have immeasurable potential benefits. They can help smoothen transactions and build strong business relationships. They can promote loyalty and help improve brand recognition. More importantly, they may even help gain new clients as these products are usually shared with friends within the same industry.

  • Steve's branding tool
    "I bring the pen/highlighter combos and Bic sticky note pads to all of the trade shows and presentations I make at Realtor Associations meetings and agents meetings at local real estate companies. They really love both products, and tell me they use them all the time."
    Twin-write Pen
    and Highlighter

  • "I really do believe that the magnets have played big part in our repeat business. People take them and they put them on the fridge and then they call us when they want their pets to play or to get groomed."
    Maria Lyn Mcginnis
    Manager, Pets at Play
    Branders customer since 2010

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  • "I already am a Branders Customer for life. I don't need to look any further."
    Jonette Burton
    The Bath + Beyond, CA
    Branders customer since 2007

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  • "Although there are other promotional items companies volleying for our business, we continue to come back to Branders because we can trust them to deliver what we need, when we need it."
    Jan Ross
    President of Heart of God
    International Ministries
    Branders customer since 2009

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