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Eprocurement Integration:

  Branders' Difference

Branders' business model is unique in the promotional items industry. Branders is the only company that has replaced in-person ordering and printed catalogs with a tele-web model. The tele-web model takes significant costs out of the supply chain and delivers a 25% cost advantage over other models. It has become the lowest cost means of sourcing promotional items for over 20,000 customers throughout each of the 50 states and over 36 foreign countries.

Most promotional item vendors use an expensive field salesforce to service their customers. Others are catalog-based. The field salesforce adds significant expense into the price of the promotional items. The catalog is always too limited to meet the needs of most buyers. Branders' tele-web model delivers the best of both alternatives at very attractive prices. Although Branders technology allows complete self-service in both item selection and order placement, the customer always has the option of live assistance and guidance. Customers can reach account managers via phone, e-mail and fax 12 hours every business day to fulfill their promotional item requests.

The tele-web account team members walk buyers through the entire sourcing process: first, they help find the right product in the industry's largest online catalog that Branders hosts; customize it using Branders' online design tools; and get a price quote. Then, once the order is placed, the account team reviews the order, obtains all necessary proofs and approvals and then guides the order through production to shipping and delivery, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Because there is no limit on promotional items that can be added to the online catalog, buyers have access to the industry's widest product selection, while changes are done in real time at no additional cost to them.

Branders services all orders from our central operations facility in San Mateo, CA. This allows us to maintain total control of our processes for superior service levels. The savings in the magnitude of 18-30% are passed to our customers in the form of some of the lowest prices in the industry.

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