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Eprocurement Integration:


Branders supports program implementation through increasing buyer satisfaction
and promoting program awareness.

Branders is running a number of National Accounts Programs for a variety of companies and has accumulated significant experience in all areas of program implementation. For our customers we assign a dedicated implementation team to ensure seamless program roll-out. Branders does not charge any fees for implementation assistance.

We deliver:

Unlimited Offering
Branders hosts the world's largest interactive catalog. We support the buyers' quest for creativity and uniqueness with over 21,000 SKUs and weekly product additions. Branders has virtually unlimited sourcing capability with access to over 740,000 promotional items from more than 3,000 suppliers. We also provide free samples.

High Service Level
A designated Account Team will be available 12 hours every business day and will utilize quality control for every step of the order. Coupled with our unique online tools and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, this delivers unparalleled levels of quality and service to our customers.

Marketing Resources
Branders ensures smooth program rollout with target marketing efforts that concentrate on building awareness, encouraging trial and securing repeat orders with your organization. Examples of our marketing support include accounts payable matching, tabletop shows, raffles and surveys, onsite posters and referral campaigns in the awareness stage; phone call introductions, tele-demos and onsite presentations, and data capture for the trial stage; and newsletters, reporting, success stories and holiday specials in the repeat buying stage.

Corporate Promotional Items
Corporate Promotional Giveaways
Corporate Promotional Products

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