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Eprocurement Integration:

  Unparalleled Service

Branders delivers truly outstanding service, choice and management tools to our
National Accounts customers.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We continuously measure ourselves on a variety of indicators, such as order response times or percentage of orders shipped on or before shipping dates and implement additional process and system enhancements as we identify improvement opportunities. Post order customer surveys routinely rank Branders 4.7 out of a 5.0 scale. Branders guarantees 100% customer satisfaction on every order.

Our business model and technology provide every customer unparalleled response times and prompt presentation of ideas, alternatives and information. Our National Accounts Team members leverage the largest product databases and widest network of manufacturers and shippers available today. In a 2000 study of promotional products procurement, Ernst & Young estimated that customers shorten the buying cycle by over 60% and reduce the time needed per purchase by over 30% by using Branders.

Branders delivers a set of unique tools that simplify the entire procurement process, from idea generation to shipping. Our online visualization technology enables buyers to experiment instantly with different sizes, colors, positions, fonts and messages before committing to a purchase. The full-color images customers create using See Before You Buy® technology can be saved, printed and easily emailed to colleagues for input.
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