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Eprocurement Integration:


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Cost Reduction
  • New Pricing Strategy Yields 18% Cost Reduction

    This case study looks at how a defined strategy of pricing promotional items can bring significant savings to a large corporation. We will look into the experiences of a Fortune 200 financial services and insurance company. The case study examines the innovative pricing approach the company has adopted, compares it to the previously used pricing method and highlights new strategy rollout details. The case study also offers a methodology for quantifying savings when sourcing promotional items.

  • How To Get The Best Pricing

    This paper identifies and addresses the central problem purchasing professionals face when soliciting pricing offers for custom promotional item contracts. It reveals that the key difficulty in evaluating prospective vendor pricing stems from the inability to predict in advance specific project needs that will arise throughout the year. The paper further explains and explores the limitations of existing approaches to evaluating pricing proposals - market basket and cost plus margin. It offers customers in any organization an innovative pricing formula proven to help them maximize savings. The paper also suggests optimal RFP language that will enable purchasing professionals to receive quotes in the desired format.

  • Protecting Your Brand Through Quality Promotional Merchandise

    This paper takes a look at one of the biggest and most common problems facing marketers - keeping the brand integrity. It offers the brand-conscious buyer an integrated system that will help build and maintain the brand equity and discusses a set of tools that ensures corporate standards are adhered to.

RFP Tools
  • RFP Tool Kit

    This hands-on guide will help purchasing professionals design a comprehensive promotional items RFP. The toolkit includes a recommended RFP section breakdown, a winning pricing strategy and sample questions proven to yield required vendor information.

  • Guide to Sourcing Promotional Items (coming soon!)

    This document looks at the place of promotional items in strategic sourcing initiatives. It outlines different approaches to sourcing this commodity, sets up expectations for a managed promotional program and walks purchasing professionals through the process of designing a promotional items sourcing solution that fits the company's needs. Topics covered include program goals, vendor selection, pricing, contracting and vendor performance management.

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