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Eprocurement Integration:


What customers say about Branders:

"Branders provide excellent service with quality products to our 384 US locations. Working with Branders' Account Team has been a convenient and satisfying experience."
Michelle F., Strategic Sourcing
Fortune 100 Global Diversified Manufacturing Company

"We were extremely pleased by Branders' willingness and ability to customize their National Accounts program to accommodate our diverse corporate needs. Their technology is superior to anything else available on the market."
Kelly H., Contract Advisor, Eprocurement
Fortune 200 Insurance and Financial Services Provider

"Branders digital logo inventory proved to be invaluable in protecting and maintaining our brand and corporate identity. Our buyers save a lot of time and money with Branders' online visualization technology.
Roxanne T, Quality and Supply Chain Operations
Fortune 200 Mission Critical Design and Engineering Company

"Our evaluation of the field found that Branders.com clearly had the best solution for business-based e-procurement of promotional products."
Eileen B., Marketing Manager
Leading Provider of Digital Communications and Security Services

"The cyberdesign option is nothing less than a magic bullet - it gives customers an immediate take on how their products will look, sparing them the catalog searches, the paperwork and potential misjudgments."
Warren B., Editor
Leading Technology Magazine

"Branders.com cuts a lot of wasted time out of the traditional ordering process."
Jack B., Product Manager
Leading US Mobile Services Company

"Branders.com orders are complete, correct, and shipped on time- in addition to superior customer service!"
Christine S., Office Manager
Global Leader in Silicon-Based Solutions

"Two things characterize Branders best: the responsiveness of the team that was specifically designated to our account and flawless execution with which they handled virtually all of our orders..."
Jan R., Marketing and PR Manager
Premiere Car Dealership

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