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Affordable Purchasing Of Effective Promotional Merchandise
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"Must-read" tips to make online buying of promotional merchandise work for you. 

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    Make online buying of unique and exciting promotional merchandise advertising work for you.

Pick a site that protects your privacy. Security and privacy statements are typically posted in the service and support section of the site. Check to make sure that any sensitive information (like your credit card data) is securely stored and transmitted in a protected (encrypted) manner. If you are transferring artwork to the site, it should be kept in a password-protected area that only you (or those you authorize) can access.

Use a site with a large, frequently updated online catalog. Many web sites appear to offer a large number of products—but in reality selection is very limited. Explore beyond the home page. Watch for traditional items you always order but pay close attention to how many new ideas and products you see. Visit the site regularly to stay on top of what’s fresh and new.

Looking for the best site? Here are three important steps to take.

1. Understand the type of site you are reviewing. There is a basic type, or level, of advertising product vendors on the Internet. Your traditional supplier with a simple website. This supplier relies only on paper catalogs and the telephone for 100% of their business. They use the Internet like you would the Yellow Pages – just to let potential customers know they are out there.

Level 1 – The General Catalog Site: The majority of sites fall into this category. They offer a large collection of product information (photo, text, base price) and provide contact information for a sponsoring broker who will work with you to complete the transaction offline. These general catalogs are often assembled by third parties and not by the vendor.

Level 2 – The Custom Catalog Web Store: There are a growing number of sites that publish their own online catalogs and allow you to order online. Here you can expect to find a search engine that helps you locate the type of product you want. Most will allow you to order online. But there is a catch. Level 2 sites typically don’t offer online design reviews where you can decorate and see the product before you order it. And they usually don’t tell you the decoration charge—and that can be 20-40% of the cost. Here, your order will not reflect actual costs–only an estimate.

Level 3 – The Full Service E-commerce Site: These relatively large sites are full service outfits. They offer a far more extensive catalog, product finder tools, virtual pictures of your logo on products, online ordering, email updates on order status and your own personalized account that shows your order history and allows you to manage more than one product idea at a time. The good ones are easy to navigate and also offer instant live support.

2. Grade yourself. Understand your comfort level with purchasing over the web and what you want to accomplish by moving to the Internet. Ask yourself three simple Yes or No questions:
Are you comfortable using the Internet to purchase?
Do you find the thought of a continuously updated, fresh web-based catalog useful?

3. Finally—for your own peace of mind, always expect the site to offer a no-questions asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee. You are the customer, and this is still a service business.   Read More...

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