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Customer Testimonials
"Branders.com really shortens the brainstorming end of the process."

"Branders.com rocks! The site, the products and the service - everything I need only a click away!"

"Branders.com cuts a lot of wasted time out of the traditional ordering process."

"Branders.com orders are complete, correct, and shipped on time- in addition to superior customer service! Brander's product quality is top notch, their prices are better than most I've dealt with and the site functionality is second to none."

"We're growing rapidly and need vendors that can grow with us - we know Branders can meet our needs every step of the way."

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Marketers take control of their image with new "See Before You Buy" internet technology

Branders.com delivers largest business-to-business (B2B) online promotional product lineup, direct link to major suppliers and real time logo placement

San Mateo, CA - Jan. 24, 2000 - Branders.com (www.branders.com), the industry's most comprehensive online branded product destination, is now available to sales and marketing professionals looking for a faster, easier way to design and order customer-branded items.

In the past, the fragmented promotional products industry has forced sales and marketing professionals to accept long lead times, outdated catalogs, poorly finished products and overdue delivery as routine. Branders.com offers a solution.

"Identity management is now streamlined and simplified via Branders.com, eliminating days and even weeks from the traditional process of purchasing promotional items. Branders.com brings branded products to the online world, marking a major shift in the industry," Jerry McLaughlin, president and CEO, Branders.com, said. "Corporate identity professionals, from the brand and product managers to salespeople and trade show or event executives, are now able to select and customize products online."

The Branders.com site also offers the exclusive PhotoSample technology, which allows customers to instantly see what the finished product will look like before they place an order.

"Branders.com cuts a lot of wasted time out of the traditional ordering process," Lisa Smith, promotions manager, Cellular One, said. "When I order a product through a broker, I have to make sure that they understand visually what I'm describing to them verbally.

With Branders.com, it's all right there in front of me. I'm able to see multiple views of what I'm ordering and my colleagues can look at the site and tell me their likes and needs, instead of passing catalogs from department to department."

Branders.com provides a well-stocked idea engine that delivers tips and product suggestions to customers searching for the "right" products to convey their corporate brand message.

"The current promotional products landscape is at best scattered-being driven primarily by individual sales representatives rather than corporate organizations. Its unified approach to order management and fulfillment combined with a virtually hassle-free experience on its web site should prove to be a very refreshing change to those responsible for ordering and distributing products" Jack Maynard, research director with the Aberdeen Group said.

"Aberdeen sees no reason why Branders.com shouldn't take the promotional product market by storm."

"See Before You Buy"
Branders.com leads the $15 billion dollar promotional products industry online by offering thousands of products from a product inventory 10 times the size of any other online catalog. Branders.com displays product categories, ranging from apparel and sporting goods to desk accessories and gifts, with exclusive brands including Targas, Champion, Swiss Army and Parker.

Branders.com also ensures easy reordering by creating and maintaining a project folder that tracks every customer's purchase, artwork and account information. Free physical samples are available upon request, allowing customers to view the first product produced on an order, ensuring customer satisfaction. The site offers a number of additional services designed to help buyers make a well-informed choice. In addition to vendor information such as instant price quotes, product availability and packaging options, Branders.com gives users updates, trade show calendars and event reports of "what's hot" in the promotions industry.

About Branders.com
Branders.com is the premier online provider of custom-branded promotional items. The company offers more than 2,000 products, including exclusive brands from over 37 major suppliers, with online finding, branding and purchasing tools. At the site, corporate buyers and agencies will find many special online features including project folders, instant price quotes and PhotoSample technology, allowing buyers to customize promotional products and view them in real time.

Branders.com is headquartered in San Mateo, California Investors include Menlo Ventures, Altos Ventures, ABS Ventures, Doll Capital and Discovery Ventures. More information about the company can be found at www.branders.com or call 1-877-BRANDERS.

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