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Design Studio Tutorial
Home > Service & Support > Design Studio Tutorial

Step 1: Selecting Artwork
Step 2: Preparing Artwork
Step 3: The Brand Studio Tutorial

Design Studio Tutorial
Design Studio is an online application that gives you design and visualization control of your Promotional Products. This tutorial is a guide to using Design Studio to select a promotional item, decorate it with your logo and other artwork, and see a color proof of the finished design before you place your order.
You can print this tutorial or open it in a new browser window while you work in Design Studio here.

Step 1: Selecting Artwork

Every product in the Branders.com catalog includes a "visualize with art" link. Once you have chosen an item that you would like to decorate with your graphics, click on this link to access Design Studio.
Here you'll have the option to upload electronic artwork from your local disk and network drives or from the Project Folder that was automatically created for you on the Branders.com site when you registered.

Uploading artwork from local drives
This button links to the familiar file navigation controls in your computer's operating system. Use them to find and select the graphic file you want to use. It may be located on a floppy disk, hard disk or CD-ROM connected to your computer or accessible through your network. Once you've selected a graphic file, click the "upload" or "open" button to prepare your artwork on-screen.

Selecting artwork from your Project Folder
When you sign up at the Branders.com site, a secured Project Folder is automatically created for you. Among the folder's account and project management features is the ability to store and display an unlimited number of graphic files no larger than 5 MB each. These are often files saved from previous project quotes and orders.
If you would like to use artwork which is stored in the Saved Artwork folder, click the "apply to product" button which appears below the art you wish to select.
You may also delete artwork by clicking the "delete" button below it's thumbnail.

Step 2: Preparing Artwork

At this stage, you'll verify colors and save your artwork to the Project Folder.

Verifying Colors
Confirm the number of Pantone colors in your graphic using the pop up field labeled "# of colors" and then enter each Pantone number on a new line in the text field provided. Click the radio button to override Pantone color information and enable 4-color process. For more information on color methods for screen printing and embroidery, read About Color in Design Studio Help.

Saving Graphics
You'll want to save this "prepped" graphic to your Project Folder for future reference and reuse. Use the pop-up field to save it under an existing project name or enter a new project name. Now title this graphic and make any special notes (e.g. usage guidelines, special order reminders) in the fields provided.
Click the Design & Proof! button to confirm the entries you've made on this page and proceed to the Design Studio Workspace.

Step 3: The Design Studio Workspace

The Design Studio Workspace provides all the customization and proofing tools you will need to confirm the final design of your promotional item. By experimenting with colors, scaling, positioning and text, you'll be able print a proof of your custom design, generate instant quotes and place your order. At this point, you've selected an item from the catalog, uploaded a graphic (usually a logo or an event emblem), and prepared the graphic for the Workspace. The Workspace window displays your item with artwork as you have prepared it.

Choosing Decoration Method
This menu lists artwork printing methods available for the product you have chosen. For example, you may select silk screening or embroidery on shirts and other apparel.

Selecting Product Color
This menu lists available colors for the item displayed. Select a color and click the "show changes" button to refresh the Product and Close-Up Samples.

Moving, Sizing and Changing Artwork Color
The "Graphic Controls" section which appears on the right side of the page allows you to:
  • adjust the size of your artwork: small, medium or large
  • change artwork color: all artwork colors will be replaced by a solid color of your choice
  • set position of your artwork: click a button on the grid provided to experiment with design positioning within a predefined area on your item
Click the "show changes" button to refresh the Product and Close-Up Samples.

Adding and Modifying Text
The "Text Controls" section that appears on the right side of the page allows you to:
  • enter text: add up to two lines of text to your design
  • adjust type size: from 8 to 72 point
  • choose text color: select from the menu of 7 custom colors
  • select typeface: select from two serif (Times, New Baskerville), two sans serif (Helvetica, Arial) and one script typeface.
  • position lines: click a button on the grid provided to experiment with design positioning within a predefined area on your item
NOTE: Each text line must be modified individually by clicking its corresponding radio button.
Click the "show changes" button to refresh the Product and Close-Up Samples.

Printing Samples
To see and print a full screen photo sample of your current product, click the "view print sample" button, which appears just below the product photo.

Generating Quotes
Click the "quote" button for instant online pricing and ordering of your finished project.

Saving Designs to Your Project Folder
Click the "save" folder button to name and save a secured copy of your Photo Sample. To continue work on this project in a future Design Studio session, access your Project Folder, locate the project by name and click its "view" button.
For additional help with Design Studio, contact us at 1-877-272-6337 or click here to email us.
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