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Custom Hand Warmers

Personalized Individually Packaged Hand Warmers - HotHands Brand Available

Bring on the heat when the cold front hits with our individually packaged hand warmers. These pocket-sized accessories provide warmth with just a touch, and can be personalized with your logo for all your promotional occasions. Place them in pockets or gloves to feel warm on the slopes, while shoveling snow or in the car on colder days. Our hand warmers are truly a delight in chilly temperatures with their immediate heating properties. Customize with your brand logo and heat up the competition among your brand competitors.

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Hand Warmers
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Hand Warmers
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When wearing gloves is simply not enough to fight the cold, our custom hand warmers are there to do the trick. Ski lodges have the opportunity to make their visitors happy and warm with customized hand warmers. Your brand logo fits on the front of the packaging and can be sold in gift shops as a part of the merchandise. Hand warmers are essential for any snow sport, and are the easiest and most inexpensive way to add extra heat. Skiers can simply put them in their boots, gloves or pockets as they ski on the slopes.


Our custom hand warmers are effective for heating hands and feet, but they also provide a purpose when it comes to beverages. Campers and hikers who dine around a campfire or in a lodge can easily keep their beverages warm by fastening a hand warmer to the side of a mug or cup. They also give any hiking or camping business a big opportunity to take their branding beyond their stores. Personalize a set with your brand logo for campers and hikers to use on the road. Campers can use them in their sleeping bags, too, placing them under blankets or pillows to keep warm during the cold nights. They can also be used as a heating aid for mobile canister stoves. They help the canister heat up faster in chilly temperatures. Another innovative use for customized hand warmers in the outdoors happens to benefit electronic equipment. A used-up hand warmer can absorb moisture in cold temperatures, and help prevent damage to cameras, phones and video recorders.


Hand warmers provide another use besides simply providing extra warmth in the cold. Our personalized individually packaged hand warmers can be used as a way to treat aches and pains in our backs, arms and legs. Athletes can benefit from the small yet effective function of custom hand warmers. Personalize with a school or university logo, and have them at hand for athletes who suffer from tight joints, torn muscles or headaches. Our custom hand warmers provide you with a way to unify your students beyond the realm of personalized apparel.


Ice skating is a hobby we all love to enjoy during the winter, but sometimes it can be uncomfortable if the air is too chilly. Skating rinks can customize a set of our hand warmers and add them to any existing set of personalized gift store merchandise. These hand warmers come in handy for kids and adults alike, who will be delighted that there’s an extra layer of heat they can add while they enjoy their time on the ice. They can go in pockets or gloves, and help keep your body moving in the chilly air.

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