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Personalized Medicine Droppers

Printed Plastic Medicine Droppers with Rubber Grip & Syringe Shaped

Our plastic medicine droppers come in a variety of colors and shapes to help bring your brand to life. Used for transferring small amount of liquids, these tiny pipettes can be applied in so many different occasions to benefit your friends, family, pets and projects. Each of our custom medicine droppers can be personalized with your brand logo, and distributed as a souvenir. Available in different materials such as acrylic and plastic, we have the right one for your individual needs.†

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Medicine Droppers
#142359 - Shatterproof Acrylic Medicine Droppers (1tbsp)
3 Colors Available
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Medicine Droppers
#148799 - Calibrated Medicine Droppers
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Medicine Droppers
#149028 - Medicine Dropper 5 mil/tsp
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Medicine Droppers
#149032 - Medicine Droppers
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Often times, less is more. Personalized medicine droppers help deliver liquids at a steady pace, and are the perfect accessory for any animal lover. They can be used to feed many different animals that have dietary restrictions or who are simply just too young to digest adult food. You can administer important medication with our plastic syringes using the measurements detailed on the side, and gently deploy whatever is inside to your animal. Our custom medicine droppers make useful assets to veterinarians, who take care of their clientís animals, or farmers, who look after their own livestock. Personalize with your brand logo, and use them while you practice, or give them out to your clients who need to provide medication or food at home. Foster and adoption centers can also benefit from our medicine droppers, as they are frequently provided with baby animals that are too young to be released into the hands of owners. We offer a selection of droppers that fit easily into medicine kits, pockets and drawers. You will always be prepared to feed furry friends with our custom plastic syringes.

Our custom plastic syringes can be used for infants, too. Choose any of our plastic, customizable medicine droppers to use at hospitals, nurseries and at home. In the event that your patient comes down with a sickness or is in need of medication, our trusty droppers will be there to deliver the solution, one droplet at a time. Our personalized syringes are a time-honored tool used at home and at the doctorís office, and will make a handy tool in the homes of your patients or in the hands of your nurses. Add a hospital or doctorís office logo on the side, and choose from any of our plastic or acrylic styles to fit your promotional needs.†

Medicine droppers can be used on occasions besides delivering medication. Our droppers bring precision to school projects, when the project calls for attention to detail. You can fill our droppers with oil, paint, and other solutions to help you create a masterpiece, whether itís for a science fair, presentation or hobby at home. You can personalize any of our droppers to represent your brand, and sell them to your customers individually or in a bundle. Our droppers are inexpensive and are a great choice for organizations or schools on a budget. Imagine your students using our plastic syringes with your school logo printed on the side!

Our custom syringe medicine droppers can be used to bring awareness to any fragrance brand. These liquid distributors can be filled with different fragrant essential oils. You can help your customers sample different oils, and educate them about the benefits behind the samples you offer. Personalize with your company logo, and show your audience the advantages of your favorite oils or fragrances.

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