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Custom Ashtrays

Personalized Ceramic, Glass & Plastic Ashtrays

Our custom ashtrays are essential tabletop assets for restaurants, bars, and any occasion where smokers are present. Crafted of durable materials such as ceramic, glass and plastic, these can be personalized for a number of occasions to keep your venue tidy. We have a variety of ashtrays that are suitable for occasions that range from casual to fancy, giving you creative flexibility when it comes to designing your order. Ashtrays are an effective marketing upgrade for any businesses that are hosts to fans of tobacco.

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#132334 - Classic White Ceramic Ashtrays
As low as $1.99
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#132335 - Round Glass Ashtrays
As low as $2.09
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#134927 - Safe-T-Slot Regal Ash Trays
3 Colors Available
As low as $2.28
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#140883 - Compact Plastic Ashtray with Slide Out Cover and Metal Liner
3 Colors Available
As low as $1.79
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#262666 - Personalized Stainless Steel Ash Trays
As low as $4.60
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Deliver the ultimate customer experience at any upscale cigar lounge with a set of our personalized glass ashtrays. Your business logo can be printed front and center for all of your guests to see. Bypass ordinary glass ashtrays and take advantage of this marketing opportunity that supplies your lounge with tidiness and sophistication. Our custom ashtrays help execute the utmost hospitality, and you can place them at your bar and outside on patio tables. Our personalized ashtrays also make for distinguished merchandise for your customers to purchase and use at home.  


Concerts are home to smokers and non-smokers alike. Customize a set of our plastic ashtrays, specifically for the disposal of ash from cigarettes and cigars. Avoid the mess and keep your venue clean by distributing personalized ashtrays throughout designated smoking areas. Plastic ashtrays are an ideal for large crowds, as opposed to glass or ceramic which could fall off of a table and break. Plus, some styles have a sliding closure, which aids in keeping your tables and ground ash-free. Guests can leave their cigarette butts inside the tray without having to worry about littering. With the sliding cover, you can rest assured that the ash and cigarette butts will stay put in the case that it’s windy outside.


Complete your restaurant display with the help of our personalized ceramic ashtrays. With a humble imprint area of about two inches, you have the opportunity to bring great visibility to your venue while catering to your loyal guests. Our custom ceramic ashtrays help keep your restaurant free of lingering cigarette butts and ash, which could aid in the reputation of your venue, too. They’re also effective marketing accessories to add to your selection of restaurant merchandise. Fans of tobacco can use your customized ashtray at home, remaining as a keepsake of your restaurant whenever they have a smoke.


Your refined casino is not complete without a set of your very own customized safe-t-slot regal ashtrays. Casinos are home to guests who enjoy smoking cigarettes or cigars, and you can make them feel welcome with a set of personalized ashtrays. The safe-t-slot regal ashtrays are ideal for venues such as casinos where your events take place inside a building. Crafted of break-resistant and secure cigarette holders, these custom ashtrays are a safe alternative to ordinary ashtrays. With an impressive imprint area of almost four inches, your casino logo receives substantial exposure and satisfies your need for an excellent customer experience.


Our personalized stainless steel ashtrays are fancy enough to place around your hotel bars and smoking patios. Customize a set of your own for your smoking guests to use as they drink or dine. Upgrade the ashtrays in rooms that are designated for smoking, and distribute them in similar areas at your pool or bar. You can kindly thank your guests by allowing them to take your customized ashtrays home.

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