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Custom Auto Shades

Personalized Auto Sun Shades - Mesh, Nylon, Single and Dual Panel Syles

When the sun becomes too hot to bear, that means getting back into your car can be a hassle if it has been sitting in an outdoor parking lot all day. Eliminate the discomfort of getting back into a heated car with our personalized auto sun shades. Our auto sun shades help keep cars cool and can be printed with a business name and logo for the brightest visibility from a windshield. Your brand can achieve the exposure it deserves, and will keep employees, and clients cool even during the hottest days of summer.

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Auto Shades
#23230 - Mesh Side Shades
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#60665 - Square Car Sunshades
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#145718 - Sun Shade
2 Colors Available
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#110398 - Auto Shade for Windshield
As low as $7.25
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#120272 - Nylon Dual Panel Auto shades
As low as $7.35
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#145711 - Mylar Two-Panel Car Shades
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#145710 - Nylon Winter Car Shade
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If your paid search and online advertisement arenít performing as well as you would like them to, why not rely on a tangible marketing effort like our personalized auto sun shades. Car dealerships and rental businesses can take advantage of this promotional accessory to help bring visibility to their brands in parking lots and garages. You can customize a set of our highly effective auto sun shades, and provide them either as a gift to your customers or lend them to renters so they can use them wherever they go. Our sun shades will keep them cool when the sun is shining, especially in cars that are lined with black material. Car dealerships can give away these auto sun shades as a gift with purchase of a car from their lot. They can easily be stored in the trunk or back of the vehicle, folded away so that they do not take up much space and leave room for important items like groceries and shopping bags.

For students who must park on campus either on the street or using university parking, it can be a hassle to leave their car in the hot sun as they study in the library or spend all day in class. Make their lives a little easier and cooler by offering them a way to keep their vehicles cool in the spring and summer. Make our personalized nylon auto sun shades available to purchase in the school book store or gift shop for students who park their cars on campus. With your university logo and name on the front of these shades, you have the opportunity to amplify school pride and unify your students. Students can also use these auto shades as they travel to other destinations around town.

Coming to the car wash is a refreshing experience, but sometimes your customers are seeking accessories they could otherwise find at a convenience store. Why not step up your promotional outreach and begin offering an item that will help them out during hot spring or summer days. You can customize our mesh auto sun shades, and provide them as an item to purchase in your store, or offer them as a free gift with a certain purchase value or a number of car washes. Become more than the ordinary car wash and let our auto shades bring you more happy customers.

When guests travel to your theme park, there is a high probability that they will be spending at least a few hours there, maybe even the entire day. That means leaving their car in your parking lot for extended lengths of time under the sun. Shake up your customized merchandise with our personalized dual panel auto shades. They will keep your customerís cars cool as they play, ride and dine at your park. Be sure to add to your online store so customers can purchase before coming to your location!

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