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Custom Balloons

Personalized Latex and Foil Balloons at Wholesale Prices

Balloons are a staple for any party or celebration, and now you can make yours extra special with our customization options. Our personalized latex and foil balloons are a pleasing addition to any room, and can be printed with the logo and messaging of your choice. Whether you are celebrating a promotion or somebodyís birthday, our custom balloons will create that classic party feel and enliven any event. Balloons are always better by the greater numbers, so order wholesale and get creative with their placement.

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#60047 - 18inch Foil Balloons
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Itís never a perfect birthday celebration without the addition of classic birthday party balloons. Turn to our custom latex balloons for an extra special party decoration. Our personalized balloons can be tied to chairs, tables, weights, and almost anything sturdy. Customize your own party balloons with the name and birthday of the individual you are celebrating. Our balloons can be taken home by your guests as a party favor, too. One fun way to tie balloons down is to fasten them to jars of candy, flower vases, and other small weighted party accessories. Our wholesale balloons will make your guest feel extra special on their big day.

If youíre celebrating the promotion of an employee in the office, bring excitement to the event with a simple celebratory addition. Promotions are a big deal and should be appropriately recognized with the right accessories. Our wholesale balloons are the perfect party item to turn to, and can be printed with the name of the individual you are celebrating. Place them around the room where you are holding the event, whether a chair, rails, or door handles. You can also choose to print the name and logo of the business where this person achieved the promotion

Your sports team works hard to be the best, so when they finally achieve the championship status, a celebration is certainly in order. Host a celebration for your athletes, their friends and family, to honor this magnificent accomplishment. Itís highly important to make them feel like all of their efforts are appreciated, and you can do so by customizing a set of our wholesale balloons with the team logo and messaging of your choice. Place these balloons strategically around the room, fastening them to sports equipment like football helmets, lacrosse sticks, tennis rackets and more. We offer a wide variety of colors so that you can match your balloon selection with your athleteís team colors.

Freshman orientation does not have to be a boring event. In fact, it can be turned into a welcoming and fun opportunity for your new students. Throw them an orientation party, complete with activities for the students to get to know one another. Provide snacks and games that will aid in making the orientation event one they will never forget. Hand out school memorabilia like customized notebooks, pens, and backpacks. Decorate the room youíre holding orientation in with a set of our wholesale balloons. Tie your balloons around chair arm rests or use paper weights to secure them in place. You can have your balloons printed with the name of your school, plus the logo and graduation year of your incoming freshman.

Amp up the atmosphere of your next annual school dance or prom with a set of our customized balloons. Whichever theme you have settled on, you will find the right balloon to match the theme of your event. You can use candy jars and other weighted items to help secure these fun party decorations.

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