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Personalized Basketballs

Custom Mini & Official Size Basketballs Personalized Online - Wilson Name Brand and More

Bounce back with a strong business campaign, featuring customized basketballs with your corporate logo printed on the front. Our custom mini and official size basketballs make excellent souvenirs, giveaways and gifts at birthday parties, employee celebrations and retail merchandise that all ages can enjoy. With trusted brands like Wilson and more, your personalized basketballs can have a long life in the hands of loyal fans and customers. We offer different colors to choose from, plus materials such as rubber, leather, foam, vinyl and more.

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#40198 - 4-inch Mini Vinyl Basketballs
16 Colors Available
As low as $1.58
(14 Reviews)
#120024 - 29.5 inch Regulation Size Synthetic Leather Basketballs
As low as $15.23
(3 Reviews)
#61870 - 5 inch Mini Synthetic Leather Basketballs with White Signature
As low as $9.17
(6 Reviews)
#130462 - Wilson Full Size Composite Leather Basketball
As low as $37.00
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#137245 - Wilson Full Size Synthetic Leather Signature Basketballs
As low as $46.00
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#62220 - Signature Basketballs
As low as $17.92
(15 Reviews)
#120025 - Regulation Size Rubber Basketball
As low as $10.42
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#52055 - 7 inch Mini Rubber Basketballs
As low as $7.10
(3 Reviews)


Celebrate the end of a successful basketball season with custom basketballs that mark the year, team name and organization. Express your gratitude for their dedication and hard work with a gift they can cherish for the rest of their lives. You could personalize a set with messaging such as “Class of 2017 Hornets” and give them to each athlete after the final game. Bring your team spirit to life by matching the basketballs’ colors with the colors of your team logo.


We know your athletes have huge fans, so take advantage of this marketing opportunity and order our Wilson full size synthetic leather signature basketballs. You can sell basketballs signed by all of the players on your team in the gift shop of your athletic venue. Signed basketballs are considered to be valuable and highly memorable souvenirs for sports fans around the world. The white is also a unique color that stands out on trophy shelves and tabletops. A white leather base means that signatures can be completed in colors besides black and white ink. 


Watch these mini customizable basketballs be the new favorite accessory of any employee, student or friend.  Because they’re such a crowd pleaser, these tiny toys are ideal for youth birthday parties, academic merchandise and even conferences. If you’re throwing an event where you’d like the crowd to engage with each other, turn to the mini basketballs that will certainly get people tossing and talking. They’re hard for anyone to avoid with their adorable size and color.


Get your basketball team excited to play again with access to brand new equipment, customized with their athletic organization name and logo. Our Wilson brand basketballs have the potential to bring unity and a new spirit to any team. Personalize a set and refresh the current basketball inventory you have, and watch your athletes play with a spring in their step.


Don’t throw your next March Madness party without the help of the perfectly themed party favor! Our mini rubber basketballs are small enough for everyone to play with while they watch each game. Your party won’t be the same without a special favor for your guests to take home. Toss them while you review the bracket or take them out back and play your own way.  You can bundle these tiny giveaways with personalized t-shirts to reflect March Madness bracket team names.


Stress can be a game changer, but it doesn’t have to be with our customizable foam basketballs. Each one is a small, squeezable accessory that helps relieve work-related tension. Our foam basketballs are appropriate for athletic marketing companies as employee gifts or incentives. You can personalize them with your business logo and give them out during meetings or corporate lunches. With an affordable price, you can easily order a set of your own and ensure each employee receives one.

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