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Personalized Boxer Shorts & Briefs

Custom Adult Boxer Shorts and Briefs for Men - White, Colored and Flannel Plaid Styles Available

Summertime means shedding those layers of cold weather clothing and feeling much better as we move more freely with t-shirts and shorts. Warm weather also means enjoying the lakes and rivers by fishing, boating swimming.  We don’t mind feeling sweaty from work and play outside knowing that all we have to do is dunk our heads under a running garden hose, jump in a creek or quickly duck into a cool shower to wash the sweatiness away. But summertime also means going on camping and picnic trips, and boxer briefs!

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Boxer Shorts
#130368 - District Juniors Flannel Plaid Boxer Shorts
8 Colors Available
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Boxer Shorts
#132088 - Robinson Personalized Apparel Knit Boxer Shorts
5 Colors Available
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There are family reunions designed for fun and reconnecting with those we love and maybe a few we don’t, but hey, they’re the relatives for ill or for good.  Some of these family reunions will take a group photo to share with all the family by email, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Still others will feature a t-shirt with the family name and the date of the reunion as well as a list of names of those who attended. 


Family reunions are a great time to engage in certain promotional items to commemorate the event.  There are caps, mugs, hand sanitizers and keychains but most people may not realize that promotional items can include men’s boxer briefs as well.  Yes, these first layer clothing items can have the family name and crest imprinted on them and every time they are donned as solo wear in the privacy of the home, these custom boxer shorts will be a constant reminder of the good times at the family reunion. Purchased in large quantities, these relatively unusual promotional items and will definitely standout as one of the more creative items given away at such an event.  The ladies might not enjoy them so much as the men because of the way it has been so commonplace to have men walking around the house in such undergarments alone.  There are many other promotional items to consider for the ladies, like bug spray (just kidding!) 


As much as we just love going to family reunions (OK, ‘like’ might be the better word), warm weather also evokes memories of going to the county or state fairs.  Remember the 4H Club barn? Tractor pulls?  Stock car races?  Country and Rock concerts? All those amusement rides and spending $40 at the baseball pitching booth to win a $10 prize?  Ah, yes.  Throw in the smells of hot dogs, cotton candy and pretzels and who wouldn’t like to go to the fair this year.   


When attending the fair, don’t forget to take in the exhibit hall filled with all sorts of commercial, non-profit and agricultural business looking to sell their products and services to a public that is searching for something, even if they don’t know what.  Wouldn’t it be kind of cool to walk by a booth that advertises for a local law firm and then something arrests the attention of the passerby.  Few people would have stopped at this booth because folks just don’t generally like hanging around lawyers so much.  But they stop now, because the banner stretched across the back of the booth says, “Let Us Get You into Our Legal Briefs!”  By signing up for a free presentation of certain legal services, a pair of appropriately-sized custom boxer shorts are given away that sport the name and logo of the local law firm.  This law firm can afford to buy to give them away because they were purchased in bulk.  Every time these boxer briefs are worn, they are a subtle reminder of the firm that gave them away.

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