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Custom Gift Boxes

Personalized Natural Kraft, Color and White Gift Boxes Wholesale

When it comes to marketing your brand, nothing compares to having the perfect packaging. Your product is precious and should be housed in something remarkable, like our custom gift boxes. Charming and foldable our gift boxes can hold jewelry, treats, and other small items. Customizable with your business logo and branding, these help bring a personal touch to your every transaction. Order personalized gift boxes printed with your logo for unique and quality packaging.

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Gift Boxes
#138410 - Natural Kraft Fold Up Gift Box (3" x 3" x 2")
As low as $0.62
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Gift Boxes
#138411 - Natural Kraft Fold Up Gift Box
As low as $2.87
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#139297 - Color Gloss Gift Box
3 Colors Available
As low as $1.45
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#51493 - Frost White Floss Fold-up Gift Box
As low as $1.55
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#51507 - White Gloss Gable Lunch Style Gift Boxes
As low as $1.62
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Takeout boxes offer bakeries a variety of packaging advantages. The ultimate container will not excite customers as they receive their order, but also facilitate a growing social media following and presence when they share with friends. Make our custom gift boxes your own and personalize with your logo design. You could even get creative and later decorate with colored pens to make each box truly unique. Be sure to add parchment or baking paper to the inside of your personalized boxes to complete the presentation.

Beautiful baubles such as earrings, cuffs, necklaces and anklets belong inside a box thatís just as precious. Our personalized gift boxes come in several different colors and shapes you can customize to fit your brand. Have your logo printed on the top or side, and deliver jewelry to your customers in packaging they can feel proud of. Whether youíre using them in store or shipping to a customersí home, these custom gift boxes will add a personal touch on birthdays and special occasions. Line them with pretty tissue paper to protect and keep your jewelry from sliding around inside. These boxes make gift giving extra special, and help build your reputation.

Local farmer markets can shine among dozens of other vendors with our custom boxes. Use these natural Kraft gift boxes to house small trinkets, treats, soaps, and more, and personalize with your brand logo and messaging. The distinct packages will help instill branding within all of your customers. These boxes can be used and reused, too, which is great for the earth, while bringing more attention to your brand.†

If your brandís success depends on subscriptions to your businesses, custom gift boxes are a tangible marketing opportunity. With our personalized boxes, your business will become more visible to subscribers, and allow you to perfectly package makeup, jewelry, treat samples, pens, ink, hair accessories and much more. Impress customers with packaging that truly represents who you are, and the business they support. Dazzle your gift boxes with fancy tissue paper to complete your monthly shipments. With a variety of sizes to choose from, we have the right box to fit your needs.

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