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Custom Bucket Hats

Print & Solid Color Bucket Hats Personalized with Your Logo

The classic bucket hat style is back with a personalized twist. Our print and solid color bucket hats can be customized with your logo, and implemented as a giveaway, souvenir or in-store merchandise. With their encompassing visors, bucket hats provide optimum protection from the sun and are a stylish addition to any outfit. Our custom bucket hats are crafted of cotton or polyester, with some of them featuring a water-resistant finish. Print or embroider your brand logo to get maximum visibility of your brand.

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Bucket Hats
#138716 - 100% Cotton Bucket Caps
7 Colors Available
As low as $5.82
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Bucket Hats
#B261593 - Personalized Bucket Hats with Mesh Sides
As low as $5.87
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Bucket Hats
#B261682 - Promotional Camo Bucket Hats with Draw Cord
As low as $5.18
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Bucket Hats
#136981 - Big Accessories Brushed Cotton Twill Crusher Bucket Caps
5 Colors Available
As low as $6.19
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Bucket Hats
#B261572 - Promotional Aster Cotton Bucket Hats
As low as $3.41
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Outdoor venues such as zoos provide all-day fun for hours on end. Your guests are susceptible to being in the sunshine, though, and you can offer them a stylish way to shield their face from the harmful rays. Turn to our personalized cotton bucket hats as a way to promote your venue, and add them to your existing array of gift shop merchandise. Watch these hats fly off the shelf, not only for their sun-shielding property, but for the photographic moments they provide to families and tour groups. We carry zebra and leopard print bucket hats, which are highly fitting accessories to add to your gift shop. Visitors can go from exhibit to exhibit proudly wearing their new customized hat with your venue logo and messaging.


Bring back the bucket hat with a personalized twist. Our print and solid bucket hats can be customized with your logo for outdoor occasions where the sun is unavoidable. Boat tour venues and camping businesses could thrive from a stylish accessory in their gift shop that provides optimum protection from the sun. We carry waterproof bucket hats that are ideal for wearing in the outdoors in the event of precipitation. Your logo can be embroidered on the front of each hat with our high-quality stitching. You can opt to give these bucket hats away to clients who purchase premium memberships or on special occasions like birthday parties or school trips.


Our customized bucket hats are useful accessories to wear outside, but also serve as a fashionable piece to unify a group of people. Bring our personalized bucket hats to any modern dance crew, whether that means they are worn during practice or during a show. You can customize each bucket hat with your dance crew logo or name, and sport them at competitions in order to achieve the coolest appearance. Your dancers will be the envy of everyone who watches them move, and you can even incorporate the hats in your dance routine to express unique creativity.


Customize a set of our bucket hats to give away at carnivals or fairs as a prize for winning certain games. You can have your venue logo and name embroidered on the front, and order several different colors to bring variety to your prize selection. Our custom bucket hats are a novelty item to add as a prize for winning certain games, and guests can sport them while they walk around your venue on a victory lap. We offer a variety of fun colors for you to order, and each personalized bucket hat will look great displayed on your shelf of prizes.

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