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Personalized Collapsible Dinking Cups

Custom Plastic & Stainless Steel Collapsible Drinking Cups in Bulk

Green is a way of life, and there are many ways to be eco-friendly these days.  Consider bringing your own coffee cup to work.  Doing so, can put a dent into the billions of disposable cups that are remanded to the trash every year. Each person can play their part in this colossal single-use habit and help solve a major waste issue that definitely ails our generation. Push-back against the mindset that says disposability is simply an unavoidable way of life, and get personalized collapsible drinking cups to have around the office or event.

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Collapsible Cups
#145981 - 3.5oz Dual-Purpose Collapsible Cups
As low as $0.96
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Collapsible Cups
#147692 - Collapsible Cups
As low as $0.85
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Collapsible Cups
#145982 - Stainless Steel Collapsible Cup with Pocket Flask (8oz)
As low as $20.57
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Collapsible Cups
#140114 - Reinforced Collapsible Cups with Bottle Opener Lid (6oz)
As low as $2.29
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If each of us, who throws away one disposable cup per day would convert to a more sensitive and logical activity like bringing a cup to work every day, we could each avoid almost 23 pounds of trash each year.  Because of this, there has been a growth in utilizing reusable mugs in the market today.


There is a way to use custom collapsible cups as a marketing tool by purchasing them in bulk as promotional items.  Obvious venues are eco-friendly exhibitions.  Companies that are in the “green industries” like solar and wind energy, conservation and recyclables would find it desirable to use these collapsible cups as premium giveaway items that feature their company and brand.  The practical nature of these cups make them an ideal gift.  It’s too clumsy to be carrying around those attractive stainless steel cups and they don’t fit well in purses or briefcases. But these custom collapsible cups are easily enlarged to fill with a favorite beverage, then consumed and rinsed and collapsed down to the size of a small disc.  Toss it in any carry case and a free hand is now available for more important things.


Imagine sponsoring a booth at a popular trade show.  There are so many promotional items from which to choose from, but the custom collapsible cup is one of the more practical of the varieties available. Additionally, it is a constant reminder of the company whose brand is imprinted on the cup. 


These personalized collapsible cups are known to hold their liquid well and any last drops of coffee, soda or water will not leak out into the purse, bag or briefcase. This is fantastic news not simply because it won’t be messing up any other travel items, but because no one wants their branded gift item to be a nuisance. 


Focus on the natural groups of people who just have to have their favorite beverage around them each day and after building that list, reach out and share this handy little beverage item that will certainly be a crowd pleaser.

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