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Personalized Espresso Cups & Saucer Sets

Espresso, Double Espresso, Espresso Macchiato, or Dry Cappuccino - We Have the Custom Cups

Our custom cups come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and volumes to suit your kitchen needs. From restaurant openings to staple office accessories, you’ll find the right style for the perfect sip. Our genre of personalized espresso cups hold every kind of beverage from a macchiato or dry cappuccino to double espressos and more. Our cups have the potential for so many uses beyond holding your favorite caffeine, too. Bring your brand to life with a customized set of our charming espresso cups and saucer sets.

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Espresso Cups
#241624 - Elite Espresso Mugs (2oz)
As low as $1.30
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Espresso Cups
#241631 - Elite Espresso Cup Sets (3 oz)
As low as $2.81
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Espresso Cups
#241703 - Espresso Cup Sets (2.5 oz)
As low as $2.84
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Espresso Cups
#241629 - Porcelain Espresso Cup Sets (2.75 oz)
As low as $2.37
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Espresso Cups
#B245017 - Stoneware Espresso Mugs
As low as $1.40
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Impress your caffeine aficionados with personalized two ounce espresso cups and saucer sets. With a set of custom cups, new coffee shops have the opportunity to accumulate loyal patrons and fans. Welcome new customers with a taste of your finest espresso, poured in a cup that represents your company. Elegant and fun to hold, these are great for those hosting the grand opening of a café, or unveiling their own coffee brand. Surprise your guests by allowing them to be taken home as a souvenir – they’re a great way to bring publicity to your shop, and individuals can start their mornings with your brand in mind.


If your venue has a seasonal menu, our custom cups are an innovative way to present what’s on your menu. Our small personalized espresso cups are perfect for serving menu items in small doses, so that customers can have a little taste of everything. You can put soup, cheese and crackers, or other tasty appetizers in these dainty cups, customized with your restaurant or café logo. After all, presentation is the center of what gives your company its exclusive vibe, and diners will adore sipping or eating from a tiny dish. With a large portion of your menu available in smaller sizes, your customers will appreciate being able to taste a little bit of everything. You can also apply this method of tasting to your dessert menu, serving sorbet, hot chocolate, and other rich delectable sweets that otherwise would be overkill if served in a larger amount.


Take your next corporate event to a whole new level with a set of our personalized dual tone espresso mugs. If you’re serving coffee or espresso at the event, substitute your average office coffee cups with a cool dish that represents your company. You can opt to match the color of your mug with the color of your brand logo, or take an original approach by choosing a color you know your employees will love. As a bonus, employees can take home their personalized dual tone mugs to use in their home or even at work. Many offices around the country require their employees to bring their own beverage holders in an effort to reduce waste and encourage sustainability. It’s a company-wide effort that’s great for the environment while bringing unity to the office.


Hotels, inns, and bed-and-breakfasts have the opportunity to embellish their hospitality with a set of our custom espresso cup sets. Wake up your guests with a delicious cup of coffee, served in a personalized set of espresso cups with your business logo. Rather than serving your beverages in something you can find anywhere, make the guests experience a little more special by adding a personalized touch to their dining experience.

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