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Personalized Fishing Lures

Custom Spoon Attractors and Shaped Lures with Your Logo

Get the catch of the day using our personalized fishing lures, crafted to represent your business while luring fish in the sea. Bring the benefits of these custom fishing lures to your employees, guests and friends, and personalize with the name of your corporation and logo. We offer a diverse selection of fishing bait, available in bright and eye-popping shades to meet your promotional standards. Your audience can relax on their boats or docks knowing they are backed by the power of a substantial fishing accessory.

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Fishing Lures
#139013 - Classic Spoon Lures
5 Colors Available
As low as $2.55
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Fishing Lures
#139014 - Hot Shot Popper Fishing Lure
As low as $2.95
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Fishing Lures
#139010 - Lure with Rattle Diving Minnows
As low as $3.49
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Fishing Lures
#139016 - Matchbook with Mini Spoon
As low as $2.80
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Fishing Lures
#139011 - Floating Minnow
As low as $4.19
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Fishing Lures
#139081 - Rattlin' Rapala
As low as $7.89
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Fishing Lures
#139019 - Original Floating Rapalas
As low as $12.99
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You will find a wide variety of tools and toys at a sport fishing tradeshow, so make sure you show up with the ultimate device that will lure visitors to your table. If your fishing brand needs a marketing boost, feast your eyes on our beautiful, customized rattle diving minnow lures. Featuring not one but two separate hook apparatuses, these bait tools are the ultimate way to attract newcomers to come talk about your company. You can personalize these lures with the name and logo of your business, and hand them out to anyone who inquires about the type of products you sell.


Summer camp wouldn’t be the same without a set of tools to help your campers catch the fish of their dreams. Fishing is a relaxing activity that many young individuals partake during the summer at lakes and in the oceans, either by the dock or on a boat. Wherever they are, make sure they are equipped with the best tools to help reel in underwater creatures. With our custom spoon lures, you have the power to have professional fishing bait, available to all of you campers and staff. Even beginners who are just learning to fish will be able to use these fishing tools. Customize with the name and logo of you summer camp, and make them a staple on your boats and fishing docks for everyone to use. You can even choose the color of your lures so that it matches the theme of your camp logo.


If you are an outdoor business looking to boost your promotional merchandise, look no further than our customizable fishing lures. Your audience is made up of boaters, hikers and campers who occasionally partake in the relaxing sport of fishing. Provide them with a professional accessory that will aid in all of their fishing adventures, whether they are on a boat, in the lake or at the beach. You can personalize a set of your own with the name and logo of your business. You can give them away in your store with certain purchase values, or partner with a vendor such as a boat company or food preservation business that can give this product away with a purchase of their product. This will surely help boost your visibility among your audience beyond the power of the internet.


In the boating world, finding the right ride can be a difficult task. Make the process a little more fun for your customers by offering a relevant giveaway with their purchase. Our personalized fishing lures are the perfect accessory for any boat customer. Our lure can be printed with the name and logo of your company, and come in a wide variety of styles and features that will please event the pickiest of fisherman. Your customers will appreciate having the label of your company not only on their boat, but also on the tools they use to partake in the sport of fishing.

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