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Not a day goes by when we don’t run into promotions of one kind or another in advance of, or at least in support of advertising pursuits. Some may feel that the branding of promotional products is an unneeded expense. However, in today’s highly branded society, any advantage in forging the image of a company or an event in the mind of the public is somewhat tricky to quantify. Even if such things are hard to measure, what isn't hard to envision is the success custom printed products have within the economy.

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Let’s take a look at five reasons why promotional products are truly effective:


Promotional Products Take Any Shape or Form

It’s been seen across the land from marketing campaign to marketing campaign.  From t-shirts to keychains and from coffee mugs to balloons, promotional products by their very presence provide an elemental sense of validity to any short term or long term business venture. Consumers expect market brands to come to them naturally through the course of business activity.

There is no limit on the types of promo items that can be invented and manufactured.  They can take on many shapes and colors.  If the item can be seen, touched, smelled and heard, it can be developed into a promotional tool. With more options than ever before, marketing campaigns that are more personal and targeted toward certain demographics, are developing at a fast clip. 


The World of Promotional Products Increases

With every race or walk for the cure, special musical event or opening of a new eatery in the town square, consumers are connected through innovative promotions. A new cigar shop might offer custom lighters printed with their logo to its first 1,000 customers.  Even as the grand opening event fades into the past, efforts to hand out such promos continue like handing out a company business card. Unlike a business card, specialty promotional items cannot be as easily cast aside. The item and its associated brand seem to always be around and with each glance, the brand image is once again recorded in the beholder’s memory. This is advertisers spend almost billions of dollars in branded products.  Items like custom lighters are a much bigger deal than thought.


Get the Word Out

Promotional products can generate a good many referrals. Louisiana State University performed a trial of offers.  One offer was given by letter alone. The other offer was pitched with a letter and a promise of receiving a promotional gift item.  The offers with promotional items were accepted by five times more people than standard letter alone. People like their free stuff, so they tend to respond more favorably to things like subscriptions and sales when promo items are available. When promotional products are used alone as the primary source of advertising, they increase brand interest by 60% to 70% and all the way to 80+% in generating positive feelings concerning the brand.


Positive Impact

When people receive promotional products their attitudes toward the brand are significantly heightened through:

· An increase in positive feelings about the brands overall image

· Positive feelings about the business itself

· People referring more customers to the business

· People feeling good about further patronage of the business


Many Happy Returns

In a recent surveys, almost 60% of respondents reported that they keep through promotional items anywhere from one to four years.  Using basic math, if a promotional item is used only once a week for one year, there are a minimum of 52 impressions throughout the year or 208 impressions over a four-year period.

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