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Custom Rubber Bands

Personalized Rubber Bands in Bulk - Individual, Glow in the Dark & Elastic Balls

Rubber bands are a staple in kitchens, classrooms and offices around the world. Our personalized rubber bands bring a special twist to these classic accessories, and come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes that are useful in a number of different occasions. With your brand logo printed on a set, you have the power to market your brand to your audience while providing them with a tool they can use almost anywhere. Our custom rubber bands bring joy to individuals of all ages, and possess a number of benefits on many different occasions.

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Rubber Bands
#130965 - 0.625 x 20-inch Rubber Bands
5 Colors Available
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Rubber Bands
#130964 - 0.625 x 14-inch Rubber Bands
8 Colors Available
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Rubber Bands
#244079 - Fantastic Elastic Balls
3 Colors Available
As low as $1.89
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Rubber Bands
#130962 - 5/8 x 7-inch Printed Rubber Bands
13 Colors Available
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Rubber Bands
#262445 - Rubber Reindeer Ducks
As low as $1.80
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There is nothing more satisfying than being properly organized, especially when working in the office. Bring awareness to your corporation with a set of our elastic balls, a bundle of rubber bands wrapped together to form a cluster that can be used in a number of tasks. Custom rubber band balls can be used by your employees to erase graphite mistakes, and look great perched on their desk or in drawers. They provide and almost endless supply of bands that can be used to secure pens or pencils and other small office items. You can customize the case of our rubber band balls with your corporate logo, and take advantage of the colors this particular style comes in. Our personalized rubber band balls are highly effective marketing tools and make excellent incentives for your employees. Plus, they help employees feel and stay productive. Hand them out at corporate gatherings or as gifts during seasonal employee get-togethers for an innovative souvenir.


You will never guess how many uses the classic rubber band has outside of the office, and inside your kitchen. Our personalized rubber bands belong in the hands of chefs who like to stay organized while they cook or prep. Customize with the name of your cooking academy or soup kitchen, and use them to tie the ends of bags to keep produce fresh. You can also use to secure food items such as asparagus and lettuce, which will help keep your chefs organized. Our personalized rubber bands are also increasingly helpful when it comes to preventing foods from going brown. Sliced apples stay fresher, longer, when a rubber band is used to secure all of the pieces together. Market your brand with this ultimate kitchen tool. Rubber bands can also help keep utensils and other culinary accessories organized inside drawers and refrigerators. They also come in handy when it comes to stubborn kitchen items such as jars. They can be tied around the lid and used as a grip to ease the process of opening a jar or canister. With so many different uses for these rubber bands in the kitchen, your chefs and students will thank you for providing them with something they can use daily to help ease the process of their tasks.


Marketing a brand can be a slower process for companies whose business relies on face-to-face interactions instead of the internet. Help promote your local mail business with our customized rubber bands. They can be used to tie bulk amounts of mail together. And with the potential to be distributed to a wide audience in different neighborhoods, you give your business a chance to be recognized and appreciated for all your hard work and dedication to delivering their mail.


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