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Custom Sweatbands

Custom Forehead and Wrists Sweatbands Personalized with Your Team Mascot or Logo

One of the most effective ways to bring attention to your brand, personalization of our custom sweatbands is easy and affordable. Sweatbands can be used in a variety of occasions or events, such as athletic games, birthday parties, aerobics classes, college events and much, much more. Because their style is delightfully basic, there are hardly any limits when it comes to what you can use them for. Whatever you want to promote, sweatbands will give your custom design enough exposure to bring new fans, clients, members and patrons.  

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#80825 - Deluxe Terry Cloth Headbands
11 Colors Available
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#72905 - Terry Cloth Wristbands
11 Colors Available
As low as $3.32
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#144506 - Paired Cotton Wristbands with Woven Patch
15 Colors Available
As low as $4.90
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#50435 - 2-ply Plush Terry Sport Headbands
6 Colors Available
As low as $4.49
(6 Reviews)


Challenge your aerobics class like never before with prizes they can win for hitting certain milestones or completing certain challenges. Your fitness class doesn’t have to remain in the same boring routine, bring a twist to it with games that bring your team members together to help them bond. For example, host a spinning class challenge, with all of the bikes at a certain speed or difficulty. The last individuals still spinning, the winners, can happily take home a set of our customized, cotton wristbands with your logo woven on the front. You can order a set of brightly colored wristbands to grab everyone’s attention, like pink or yellow.


More subtle than a baseball hat but with just as much exposure, our deluxe terry cloth custom sweatbands have a large imprint area for maximum visibility. If you’re a team looking for both a stylish and effective way to promote your identity, don’t sacrifice one quality for the other. You can get both for any athletic occasion in a set of our customized terry headbands, carefully printed with your team mascot or logo. These headbands will bring unity and professionalism to any group of athletes looking to step-up their appearance at games and practices. Customized sweat bands have the potential to be used daily, helping spread team spirit to new audiences and fans alike. A true multi-tasker, our custom sweatbands keep hair out of the eyes while displaying your logo for everyone to see.


Baseball caps are an essential accessory to own for anyone who shares a common passion for homeruns. Our custom wristbands take your team logo or mascot and come in a wide variety of colors to choose from, so you can match your personalized design to your team uniform. Adding wristbands to your baseball team’s regular game ensemble is a highly effective way to display unity, especially in the presence of another team and all your fans. A set of custom wristbands could take your team a long way, with the likelihood that they’ll be used daily during practice or at baseball games. You can give them out to your team at the beginning of your first practice, which is a great way to start the season off on a great note.


Marathons are the perfect occasion to celebrate your team or someone you know with a set of customized sweatbands. You can choose either headbands or wristbands, either style is fitting for this kind of event. Personalize a set of your own to represent a team you’re running for, using bright colors so that spectators can easily identify who you are. Using vivid colors will also help your team stand out of the crowd for team pictures, and not to mention, bring style all around to your appearance. Our custom wristbands embroidered with your team logo will help create lasting memories.

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