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Custom Swimming Goggles

Plastic Swimming Goggles with UV Protection Personalized with Team Logo

Eye protection is an essential part of swimming, a sport that can take place in pools, lakes and oceans. Our custom swimming goggles are professional and effective accessories to help your market your brand, whether you belong to a camp, swimming academy or private pool club. We offer a substantial variety of styles for children and young adults that feature different qualities such as UV protection and carrying cases. Bring your brand to life in the water and on land with our personalized swimming goggles.

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Swim Goggles
#141776 - Modern Safety Polycarbonate Sun Goggles
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Bring the competition to another level at your next team swim meet with a set of our customized adult swim goggles. Whether your team belongs to a school or you are a part of a regional group, our personalized goggles are a sleek and a professional addition to any group of athletes. Our custom swim goggles provide the same protection as the brands you find in stores, but our selection provides you with an opportunity to show off your team name. They bring unity to your athletes and have the potential to instill confidence among your teammates. You can personalize with your school logo, group logo, or simply just the name of your team. No matter what you choose, our goggles give you the opportunity to market your team identity. As your swimmers glide across the water, judges will be able to see which team they belong to. Whether your team is participating in a relay race or a diving competition, they will represent your athletes for everyone to see.


Your public or private pool club deserves to have gear that helps market your brand. Our children’s swim goggles are excellent additions to your existing selection of store merchandise. You can have your pool club logo or name personalized on the back of each strap; plus each pair comes in a case that can also be customized with the same graphic. Our swim goggles for kids will be a popular item among parents who want to protect their little swimmers’ eyes, and always have them prepared for their next competition or lesson. Our personalized swimming goggles are also great assets for classes. You can opt to give them out to anyone who signs up for a number of lessons. This is a great way to show off your brand and give your academy or club a great reputation.


Our personalized modern safety goggles deliver the ultimate protection for land based sports or activities like science experiments or athletic sports. The durable structure of the polycarbonate material will keep eyes protected, and also provide a shield from sharp objects that may occur in certain situations. You can personalize these specialized goggles with your brand logo or name, and distribute them to students or members of your venue. Lab facilities that perform science experiments may have sharp objects involved throughout the process, and our personalized goggles provide an optimal shield from metal or glass that can fly through the air. Sports facilities will benefit from these goggles too, and can be used in sports such as biking or golfing where dirt or other objects are prone to be airborne. Customize with the logo of your facility, and make them available to the athletes who come practice at your venue. 

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