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Personalized Whoopie Cushions

Rubber Whoopee Cushions in Bulk - Custom Shapes & Different Sizes Available

Apply new objectives to a classic practical joke with custom rubber whoopie cushions. Personalized with a logo or personal design, these give your brand the opportunity to bring laughter and joy to employees, students, tradeshow attendees and children. Our custom shaped whoopee cushions come in different sizes, and are great for a variety of occasions and events like tradeshows and birthday parties. Custom shaped and differently sized whoopie cushions make for memorable souvenirs and party favors.

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Whoopie Cushions
#141055 - Whoopee Rubber Cushion (3")
As low as $0.70
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Whoopie Cushions
#141056 - Fun Whoopee Cushion (6")
As low as $1.25
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Whoopie Cushions
#141057 - 8-inch Fun Whoopee Cushions
As low as $1.41
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Whoopie Cushions
#145507 - Fun Whoopie Cushion (8")
As low as $1.42
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Whoopie Cushions
#145508 - Classic Whoopie Cushion (6")
As low as $1.03
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Whoopie Cushions
#146857 - 8-inch Whoopee Cushions
As low as $1.10
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Whoopie Cushions
#261737 - 3 Inch Whoopee Cushions
As low as $0.98
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Whoopie Cushions
#261744 - "6""D Whoopee Cushions"
As low as $1.21
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Whoopie Cushions
#261745 - 8inch D Whoopee Cushions
As low as $1.27
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Make your brand stand out at the next entertainment tradeshow event with a memorable souvenir you can customize with your business logo. Whoopie cushions are highly amusing toys that are sure to bring attention to your table. These time-honored accessories can be personalized with a message to generate a memorable experience for your audience. Our three-inch whoopee cushions are conveniently sized for visitors to take home and use on their friends and family. A set personalized with your brand logo can benefit your business when you give them away as souvenirs.

Entertainers at birthday parties or other celebratory events have the opportunity to bring laughter to the crowd with customized whoopie cushions. Our eight-inch whoopee cushions are fit for entertainment businesses that want to expand their brand visibility while providing the crowd with a fun time. Include them as a party favor in your entertainment package for kidsí birthday parties or other events. Kids will get a kick out of inflating the cushions and pranking their friends. Our bulk whoopee cushions are perfect for event clowns and other kinds of entertainers, too.

Play the ultimate prank on April Fools at the office this year with customized whoopie cushions. Your employees will never know whatís coming to them if you place the whoopies underneath the seat cushion of their desk chair! You can also opt for the ultimate prank by placing a customized whoopee cushion on a chair for one employee during a big meeting. You can get even more creative by developing your own flatulent air from scratch and filling your customized whoopee cushion with it! Add an attractive scent like lavender for a pleasant surprise. Our whoopee cushions are sure to bring fun to the office while promoting your brand.†

Amuse your fraternity brothers and sorority sisters with customized rubber whoopie cushions. Whoopee cushions are a classic prank you can play on new pledge members, and are also unique accessories you can personalize with your house letters. Try placing them between the sheets in beds or under desk chairs. You could even go so far as to place whoopee cushions in quiet areas such as classrooms or libraries for the ultimate laugh.

Use as a unique piece of personalized merchandise for your prize selection at any carnival or fair event. You can customize the front with the name of your event, and allow your customers to redeem them as a prize with their winning tickets. Our whoopie cushions will add variety to your selection of prizes, and are favorable items among guests of all ages. There will be several opportunities for them to play pranks on each other while they visit your event, perhaps on certain rides like a Ferris wheel or roller coaster.

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