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Custom Printed Baseballs

Custom Rawlings Official Baseballs, Synthetic Leather, Plastic & Rubber Styles with Authentic Detailing and Printed Logo

With the advent of spring and summer comes the great American pastime of baseball.† One can hardly drive anywhere with distance and not see a local baseball field filled with families and especially children who have formed teams for this sports favorite.† Custom printed baseballs are a great way to bond and connect with the game whether itís being played in a community ballfield or professional stadium.†

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Here are some great ideas on how to use personalized baseballs to promote a business or nonprofit entity:

1.†If the business is located near a professional baseball stadium, communications should be established with the stadiumís marketing or vendor department.† Everyone would like a slice of the stadiumís limited space capacity on the concourses so a compelling reason to be included between the nacho cheese and baseball cap vendors will need to be developed.† This process can take months so begin and plan early.† Once approved, determine what type of kiosk will be needed to display the company name and proudly display its products and/or services.† Determine if this will be a once and done marketing campaign or something more ongoing.† Once these things are completed and accounted for, order enough bulk personalized baseballs so that everyone who passes the kiosk can enjoy at least one baseball souvenir.† These balls will have the company name, logo and contact information imprinted on them.

2. Perhaps a local hospital is trying to raise funds for a new cancer wing or womenís clinic.† They might contact one their famous baseball players and ask him to make an appearance at the hospital with representation from the people who benefit from these future developments included as well.† With television cameras rolling for the evening news, it can be proclaimed that for every donation to this project a free personalized baseball will be given to each donor.† The baseball would have the hospital name and the name of the project imprinted on it.† There will need to be a lot of personalized baseballs ordered.† Similar past projects should help indicate a safe number to order.† Deal with a reputable online company who are purveyors of such products.† They may have excellent turnaround time so that over ordering shouldnít happen.

3.†If the business is in or near a professional baseball team and its baseball season, they could order bulk amounts of custom baseballs to be given away as premiums for consumer purchases or simply handed out in any general fashion.† Such a marketing attempt means that the brand along with contact information is getting into the homes and lives of the people who live in the area.†

4.†They may not be professional baseball players but children and adult amateurs love to play the game of baseball.† The exhilarated feeling of† swinging the bat, running the bases, pitching and catching the ball or simply cheering for your team from the small town community bleachers is often unmatched by being at a professional game (and itís a lot cheaper too!).† When itís time for the final game of the season and a local team will be crowned that seasonís champion, it would be nice to have some wholesale baseballs to give away with the name of the teams and perhaps even the players imprinted on them as a keepsake.† Getting such promotional items is easy.† There are online wholesale companies who specialize in these types of products.† Simply go and order the expected quantity needed.† These will be keepsakes for many years to come.†

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