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Personalized Purse Hooks & Clips

Stainless Steel Purse Hooks & Clips in Bulk - Order Printed with Your Logo

Having a place to stow your bag is no guarantee when it comes to certain venues such as bars, restaurants, casinos, and nail salons. With our stainless steel purse hooks and clips, you can provide guests with an easy way hang a tote or purse wherever there’s a flat surface available. These convenient accessories can be personalized with your company logo to give as gifts or souvenirs. They fit easily inside of virtually any bag or tote, which means your guests and clients can also take them on the go.

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Few bars are equipped with hooks to hang your personal belongings so you can keep a close watch on your bag. Without one, holding a tote or purse while juggling drinks, food, and talking to friends can be inconvenient. If your venue lacks a hook for hanging personal belongings, consider these personalized purse hooks and clips for upgrade to your space. They provide security for patrons who want to ditch their bags, plus you can customize in bulk with your business name and logo. Keep these handy hooks with your hostess or bartender, and make it a regular gesture to offer to anyone carrying a tote bag or purse. This will help instill confidence in your customers and encourage them to keep coming back to dine and drink.


Handbags deserve to be propped on tables and hung on hooks, not left on the floor of a restaurant or beauty salon. Order our bulk purse hooks and clips customized with your logo and name, and add them to your selection of existing merchandise so that customers are able to care for the bag they purchase. These stainless steel hooks will make an excellent gif with purchase of a certain value. They are incredibly useful when it comes to restaurants, bars, casinos and salons.


A staple to game table venues, our personalized purse hooks will make your fundraiser or casino a bag friendly space. Have your card dealers keep these accessories at hand for individuals who may be interested in hanging their purses or other belongings. Get customized with the name and logo of your building or event, to help your crowd keep a close watch on their personal belongings. They clip easily on the side of any black jack table and are a fashionable asset to anyone who stops by your table.


Let your customers relax in the nail salon or spa knowing that their purse is safe and close at hand. These hooks and clips in bulk can be customized with your band logo to attach to individual spa chairs so your guests can feel completely relaxed.  Your clients will appreciate the gesture and remember your salon as cautious and kind.

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