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Branders Best Buys

    • Acrylic Ice Tumbler with Straw (16oz)
      Acrylic Ice Tumbler with Straw (16oz)
      As low as  $2.80 *
    • Men's Lite Jacket
      Men's Lite Jacket
      As low as  $21.48 *
    • Non-Woven Slim Tote Bags
      Non-Woven Slim Tote Bags
      As low as  $0.85 *
    • Sticky Book (4.13" x 3.13")
      Sticky Book (4.13" x 3.13")
      As low as  $1.82 *

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5 reasons why our customers buy promotional products from us

Reason 1: Branders.com guarantees you the lowest-priced promotional products, ever!

We did a survey with our customers. The result was a consensus: 86% of online users check at least three different websites for pricing—and 57% say “finding the best price” is the most time-consuming part of purchasing promotional products. We decided to make things a lot easier for our customers by forming a team that monitors our competitor’s websites, and compares their pricing with ours; all to ensure that our products remain the cheapest ones in the market. As a result, the largest competitive price survey shows that with us, you get to save 20% more. Just by choosing our promotional products, you get to save time and money both. When it comes to promotional merchandise, we offer the best deal out there.

But of course, as far as you’re concerned, all that is just talk. So we push the envelope further.

If you find a similar item—a similar printed promotional product—that’s priced lower than ours, tell us. We’ll match it. Moreover, if you find the lower priced item 30 days from the day you ordered, we will give you back the difference in the price. All you have to do is to give us a copy of the ad or website showing the lower price for the same item. The lower price found must be for the same product, order quantity and delivery schedule. The guarantee covers only the item’s base price, handling charges, taxes and additional setup and decoration costs. We don't just give you good pricing; we give you the best pricing you can find out there. Call us at 1-877-272-6337 today.

Reason 2: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

One of the things we pride ourselves in is our 100% satisfaction guarantee when it comes to customer service. We go to great lengths to ensure that you get nothing short of what you want. Experience a completely hassle-free transaction, courtesy of our attentive and dedicated account managers.

How can you be sure that you get the exact promotional products that you want, how you want them? You can try customizing the promotional item, or promotional items, of your choice in our online design studio to see how your graphic artwork will look on them. The process is simple: you just click on the “upload now” button on the “Step 1: Get Your Artwork” page of the design studio, click the browse button, and attach your design—as simple as attaching files to an email message.

If this is not enough assurance that you’ll get the perfect promotional products, the ones you had in mind, we give you this: if you are not completely satisfied with your customized promotional item purchase, we will replace, credit, or refund your order. Just call 1-877-272-6337 or e-mail us within 30 days of receiving your order and we will gladly resolve the issue. Refunds may require merchandise return. For comments, praises, criticisms or suggestions on how we can further improve our services, contact us by phone or e-mail.

Reason 3: Register now and get free samples of corporate gifts!

If our design studio and money back guarantee are not enough to convince you that with us, you’ll be getting the exact promotional materials that you want, all you need to do is to register. From there, you’re one click away from the exact giveaways you have in mind.

To our registered business customers, we will provide two free samples of each order. Once you make a request, you will receive a call from us immediately if you called during office hours, or first thing the following morning, if you call after hours. Bottom line is, once you place your order and give us a call, you get to have a first hand look at the promotional products you’re getting—get a feel for it, check the quality, test it—it’s all yours. You don’t even have to worry about the information that you will disclose upon registration. Branders.com does not share customer information with any third party.

So all you need to do is to thoroughly plan the design, register, and place an order. Give us a call at 1-877-272-6337.

Reason 4: We provide free artwork enhancement for your corporate giveaways

When it comes to promotional products, the design makes all the difference. However, designs on giveaways look different from designs on paper: they tend to become a bit blurred. If one pushes through with this, it results in nothing but a rejected batch of wasted money and effort. When you use a promotional item to advertise your business, you need to be sure that they’re the best they could possibly be—after all, they’re basically a tangible representation of your company.

To prevent instances such as this, we have a team of artists that will give you a complimentary logo enhancement and modification—they tweak your design idea to make it more giveaway-item-friendly. This results to clearer, more distinct promotional items that surely make a difference. You’ll have, as an after product, items that you’ll be proud to present as corporate gifts or giveaways.

Imagine this: most vendors charge an average of $50 for this service. Here at Branders.com, we give it to you free of charge! Take your pick of our wide selection of corporate giveaways and prepare your business name or logo to be imprinted on the products. We'll do some logo enhancement, artwork modification, artwork cleanup, or artwork design integration to make your giveaways as powerful and effective as they possibly could. And it’s on us!

Reason 5: We offer friendly customer service for successful business partnerships

Here at Branders.com, we treat our customers with utmost care. We operate on the principle that success in business is not just about building social networks, but about forging real friendships with our business partners. Branders.com is your friend that you can rely on.

Being your friend, expect us to listen. We understand the trust our customers place in us: the promotional products we make for them will be the tactile representation of their company, group, or institution. With this in mind, our outstanding roster of account managers and agents are sensitive to the needs of clients, small or big. Our old customers can prove that our staff can solve even the most difficult promotions crisis. Clients call it magic; we call it creativity.

We never promise anything we can’t deliver. Trust that we will deliver the output you want in the deadline you set. Our staff will never accept any order that we can’t do.

Ultimately, we believe that friendly customer service makes happy customers. And happy customers make business relationships that work for a lifetime. So, as much as we can, Branders.com tries to maintain a healthy balance between business and friendship built on trust, and superior-quality promotional gifts.