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Custom Ashtrays - Personalized Ashtrays - Branders Promotional Items
Lowest Price Match Guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. On-Time Shipment Guarantee.

Custom Ashtrays Personalized with Logo

Buy customized ashtrays for promotional events. Great gift giveaways.

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Why choose business ashtrays for advertising your brand?

Custom ashtrays are still one of the notable favorites when it comes to promo items and giveaways. Although we have public service reminders of how unhealthy smoking is for our body and those around us, for the significant percentage of the population who have made the choice to live by “taking a drag", it would be a loss for your company to ignore such a sizeable market. Just imagine if every single one of smokers had personalized ashtrays with logo from you, then your brand would have reached 20% of the population already! As it stands, smokers are still consumers, and they definitely can't be ignored. Make them feel special through promotional ashtrays. This is the only merchandise that genuinely gets through to them. It's the most useful gift you can give to a smoker's chosen lifestyle.

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Smoking isn't all about the drag. It's a cultural facilitator. A person, who needs a light, unabashedly can walk up to a stranger to ask for a match or a lighter (which, by the way, are also great marketing material) from strangers to acquaintances, all for the need of a light. In the office, when someone needs their hit, they invite their smoker friends to step out with them, either to designated smoking areas or smoking pockets (a.k.a smockets) where they openly talk about anything under the sun as they chill and enjoy their cigarette. This social phenomenon is a great way to maximize a marketing campaign with business ashtrays with logo. But it isn't just the recipient you're helping with this promotional product; you're practically helping the environment! Smoking, more often that not, is an outdoor activity. When there are no trash bins around, the cigarette butts end up littering the ground. Customized ashtrays don't just have to be for private use, it can be for public use too! This widens your exposure, and more importantly, it helps maintain cleanliness in our surroundings. This sends the message to everyone that your business cares about the environment too.

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Printed ashtrays come in different styles. There are smokeless ashtrays, outdoor, pocket, cigar, and regular indoor ashtrays. These come in several designs to suit your preference and in a host of colors to match your brand for that upcoming tradeshow! Give us a call at out toll free number at 877-272-6337 to place your orders for bulk ashtrays. Our sales representatives are standing by to receive your call. Let's amp up your promotions!


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